Needles & Plastic:
A Flying Nun Discography

Matthew Goody
325 pages, with 200+ colour images PB Book 9.8” x 11” x 0.8” Spring 2016

Needles & Plastic is the first book published exclusively about New Zealand’s legendary independent record label Flying Nun. The book uncovers how a small independent label on the farthest reaches of the South Island of New Zealand could produce over 100 of the most exciting and unique records of punk, post-punk and DIY music recorded during the 1980s.

In September 1981, Roger Shepherd, a local record store owner in the tiny New Zealand South Island town of Christchurch, cobbled together $50 to release Dunedin band the Clean’s first 7” single, “Tally Ho!”, on his newly founded Flying Nun record label. Meeting nearly instantaneous chart success, this single, along with another significant single by the Pin Group, marked the beginning of over a hundred releases by seminal artists like the Chills, the Verlaines and the Straitjacket Fits. The DIY approach to recording and producing these early singles would define the label throughout the decade as it released some of the most innovative and influential records released by any independent music label in the 1980s.

Needles & Plastic: A Flying Nun Discography 1981-1988 provides a comprehensive overview and fully illustrated discography of the label up to 1988, with exclusive insight into both the legendary favourites and hidden gems released on the label. Lavishly illustrated, the book uncovers the fascinating wonder of the artists on the label and the records they produced, revealing how unique the label was in the history of underground rock music.

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