Secrets of Islamic Patterns

Aline Marion, Joachim Tantau and William Charles Riding
90 pages, 50 colour images PB Book, 88 piece puzzle, housed in full-colour box 8.5” x 7.5” x 1.5" Published Spring 2015 ISBN: 978-0-9936588-0-8

A one of a kind book and activity puzzle, Secrets of Islamic Patterns unlocks the mysteries of Islamic geometric patterns that adorn some of the most famous architecture and decorative arts in the Islamic world. The book invites both the young adults and mature beginners to follow easy instructions that make pattern construction extremely fun and accessible educational activity. The book not only outlines the steps for building a beautiful pattern, it also uncovers the amazing links between mathematics and design in art and the rich history of these designs in Islamic culture.

The accompanying puzzle introduces a playful and interactive tool for all readers as they piece together the shapes to construct a larger pattern.

The 90 page book and puzzle pieces are housed in a lavishly decorated boxset that displays one of the beautiful potential pattern combinations.

Secrts of Islamic Patterns makes the abstract and complex art form of Islamic geometric patterns both fun and easy to do.

Aline Marion, Joachim Tantau and William Charles Riding met and studied together at the Princes School of Traditional Arts, London and are currently working together as part of a team creating art and geometry workshops for schools throughout the UK.